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Planning Commission

Background: Created by SJC Code Chapter 2.20, a commission that holds public hearings regarding land use regulations including comprehensive plan amendments, open space applications, and subdivision applications, and that acts in an advisory capacity to the Community Development and Planning Department, and formally makes recommendations to the Council. This nine member board has staggered terms of four-years staggered terms. Guiding documents are Resolution 18-1960 and Ordinance 12-2007.
Contact: Lynda Guernsey, Recording Sec'y Phone: Email:
Council Liaison: none

Vice ChairKarin Agosta4 Year12/15San Juan Island , Position #5
SecretaryTimothy Blanchard4 Year12/16 Orcas Island, Position #2
 Mike Carlson4 Year12/17San Juan Island, Position #4
 Brian Ehrmantraut4 Year12/18Orcas Island, Position #6
 Bob Gamble4 Year12/15Orcas Island, Position #7
 Mike Pickett4 Year12/17San Juan Island, Position #8
 Thomas Starr4 Year12/17San Juan Island, Position #1
CHAIRBarbara Thomas4 Year12/15Lopez/Shaw, Position #9
 VACANT4 Year Lopez/Shaw, Position #3