Friday February 12, 2016

Reminder from the Auditor: Vote Now

By SJC Auditor Milene Henley 

Four days until Election Day – where is your ballot?

As of Thursday, November 1, San Juan County had received only 47% of its ballots back.  With an expected turnout close to 90%, that means there are a lot of ballots still sitting on kitchen tables. 

So if you haven’t yet voted, now’s the time.  Grab your ballot and your Voters’ Pamphlet, sit down, and wade through it.  There are a number of significant issues and races on the ballot this year, and this is your opportunity to make your voice heard. 

Replacement ballots are available through the Elections Office or online, through MyVote.  To reach MyVote, go to the County’s elections website ( and click on MyVote. 
To reach the Elections office, call 378-3375 or email

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